A2 CofC - Flying indoors - is it needed?

Not overly sure how this works so thought I would ask.

A2 CofC helps to bring down the distance from a building for drones greater than 250g but how so the rules change if you were to fly inside ? Having seen @AlbionDrones video and post about flying inside made me think that OOOH I have access to a few really cool logistic warehouses that are super cool with automated sort machines inside and would be quite cool for some FPV footage ( more so for a pro FPV ciniwoop sort of thing than a bit of a hack like me flying an Avata )

But in order for me to get the OK for management I will need to give them a low down on the law and show accreditation and liability insurance etc - but the indoor rules are not overly clear as they all seem to assume its a tiny racing drone and it seems to have the sterile environment rules around them ( as in racing )

So how does this work with filming in a controlled environment ( people under my control both inside and possibly outside ) if I wish to fly closer than 50m to the structure ? Basically I want to fly between beams and mezzanine floors - maybe chase a box on a conveyor too sort of thing

I don’t currently hold a A2 CofC as I have a mini 3 and the only place I have flown the Avata in open space about half a mile away from any buildings etc so not really had the need to get it but I do want it as I do feel like knowledge is good and worth doing.

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There are no rules, the CAA nor anyone else regulates drone flying indoors


that makes sense and was sort of my thinking - but guess I do still need the A2 CofC if I used the Avata outside to fly close to trailers and the building etc - will be getting it any way as its on my list of things to do but thanks for the clarification.

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Yup A2CofC allows flying sub 500g up to but not inttentionally over people, so means you can get the intro shot flying in through the doors :slight_smile:

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yeah I was thinking that would be needed to do that movement of transition from outside to inside - unless I use a mini 3pro for outside and the Avata inside - though I do have plenty of time to get my A2CofC for this if I do get the OK to do so as it would not be till after Christmas

UAV Hub and UAV Academy, watch the video’s for free on the Hub, and then go through the Academy reduced price for members and do the exam - have to psay it was easier than I expected, but then again meterology is something I have studied a bit in the past for my PPL, so it was useful revision for me :slight_smile:

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