AA phone box Scottish Borders

Before mobile phones how did you summon help when your car broke down ? Answer……if you were in the AA you would walk / hitch a ride to an AA emergency call box which were dotted around the country. When you joined the AA you got a radiator grill badge to display on the car ,a yellow handbook and a pass key to the AA boxes which contained a landline telephone.
I spotted this one near St Mary’s Loch in the Scottish Borders , I still have a key but didn’t have it with me so I couldn’t check if you can still gain access


And the AA Patrolmen would salute you!

On a motorbike and sidecar :grinning:

Those were the days…

Dinky Toys number 44b


That looks like a dinky car he’s working on Rob :rofl:

Box 723, only 18 (or 21) AA boxes remain in their original locations; no RAC boxes remain in their original locations.

I still have my original beret and cap :slight_smile:

Tell the @Challenges_Committee and it can be part of the next BC :slight_smile:

And if he didn’t, it was a warning of a speed trap down the road :+1:

Split screen Moggy, if I’m not mistaken.

I think you could be right, bonnet shape is right, I see the split screen, mini style indicators ….I was looking for an A or M on the hub caps but they are just plain ……can’t think of many cars you need to get down on your knees for engine maintenance these days though :rofl:

I used to love working on my Mum’s Herald or my Vitesse. Open the bonnet fully forward and sit on the front wheel while adjusting tappets :slight_smile:

Been there, done that etc, etc.