Abandoned home - kidderminster, west midlands - air 2s

how do i attach the original raw image? if anyones interested in taking a look at it and having some fun editing let me know :flying_saucer:


Just post it / upload to this thread, it won’t display the picture as it’s the raw file & must not exceed 100 mb.


abandoned_home_raw.DNG (39.0 MB)

ive uploaded the raw file if anyone wants to have a look. doesnt seem like theres much to play with from the original image above but there is lots of room. Ive reuploaded my day to night conversion becauase the other one was way too dark. how dark does it look on a mobile device just out of interest? anyone using a good monitor they dont want anymore? :flying_saucer: :wave:t6:

The exif data shows that the camera is set to underexpose by 1.3 stops. Why are you using that setting?


Just correcting just that underexposure changes it totally.

(Just a screen grab)

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good point @OzoneVibe thanks. probaby could have got away with the iso being lower too.

Are you setting ISO and shutter speed manually?

is it called exposure bias on the drone in the fly app? where do i find it. is it just called exposure compensation? ill have to have a look next time im out. ive litually had the drone out 3 times so far :grinning:

yeah. just not taking enough time and trying different settings too much. then jsut forgetting what they are on and clicking away