Abandoned office building near Stirling

I was actually on my way somewhere else when I passed this place and decided to see if there was any security around. To my surprise the place was completely deserted so I decided to go for it. Once the video went live security was in place the next day lol


Was this an insurance company’s old building , looks like one you could see from the main road going to Glasgow.

Was Prudential Insurance building at Craigforth

I was thinking the same, looks like the one beside the motorway at the off ramp for the A84.

At 2.50 looks as if the power is still on , seems such a waste of a decent building .

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Noticed that, looks like Kev @CoconutIslandDrones left the lights on when he was done :wink: :joy:

Brilliant - great video :sunglasses: :clap: :+1:

Thanks folks. It is the old prudential building that can be seen from the M9 near Stirling and accessed from the A84 off ramp. I have been told that the day after the video went live security was put on the site 24/7 and the smashed windows boarded up. The lights on thing was a bit bizzare as only one small section had lights on. I thought maybe somebody was in there working but it was completely empty.


Great video, shame people have already started smashing the glass inside, why can’t they have a mooch around and leave it as it is.

This is why the FPV mob are so secretive about their bando spots. :unamused:

What great footage… as a newbie I hope to be able to produce something like this one day.
Thanks for sharing