Abandoned sea fort - Added to Historic Buildings in the London region on the map at DroneScene.co.uk

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at https://dronescene.co.uk

This place is not only to fly around abandoned sea fort. When river retreats it?s even possible to walk to it too. Also a lot of ships passing.
There?s free parking nearby where possible to leave your car and it will take you around 2-5 minut to walk to the river bank


I went here the other weekend and it was a great place to fly!

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I agree. I was flying here a few weeks ago. I was tracking low along the path to the silo and my Mavic pro repeatedly switched to Atti mode.
Plenty of space to deal with it though.
Might be a lot of metal under those sands maybe?

We went down there a few weeks ago, Prospector 1 drilling platform was there. I think its been joined by anothr one now. Will be going back in a few weeks.
Nice video by the way.

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I’d love to try out the helipad on one of those.

I mean … what could possibly go wrong? … other than it refuses to take off again. :rofl:

We said exactley the same thing.

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My original “helipad” desire was the one on top of The Needles Lighthouse. :grin:

… if it’s not busy.


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One of my places to meet my brother and fly… it’s a great location. :+1:

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Let me know if you head to the Needles … one of us with a long line and a hook on our drone to retrieve the other drone from refusing to take-off from the helipad. :wink:

Sounds a bit risky, but fun :blush:

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