Abergavenny - Added to Parks and Recreation in Wales

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission not required.

Abergavenny town.

River Usk with bridges, large green fields in valleys surrounded by several mountains (Sugar Loaf, Skirrid, Blorenge etc).
Town as a castle right next to launch point.

Suitable for A1 or A2 flight - huge grass meadow area with a very low density of people to launch and recover, Good VLOS in all directions.

No specific hazards.

The originator declared that this location was not inside a Flight Restriction Zone at the time of being flown on 14/05/2022. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying at the same location.


Thank you @gnirtS for adding to the map, its member contributions that keep it going