Aberystwyth Seagulls mini 3 pro

Seagulls chasing the Mini 3 Pro in Aberystwyth.
Not good nearly had it.


Olly, you were quite brave there, iI would have been back from over the water asap. especially after investing in the latest DJi Drone. Great Job.

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Be careful with Seagulls…From what I can see there you had an encounter with the common gull which isn’t as nasty as the Herring Gull who will have no hesitation with attacking a drone. Don’t risk your drone and under estimate one. :+1:

In my novice videos on yt most recently to scarborough i have explained some non cinematic shots are rushed due to the seagulls … They take warning passes and make a sqwuak to warn you off but if in numbers a brave gull will knock your drone out the sky
Generally roof height plus 30 meters where they nest quite often in populated areas like towns and seasides , they patrol and scavenge thier territory but if i hear them making a din i generally get safety in height and rapidly ascend where they dont bother you , gives breathing space to get back to rth point and think again.
Im no bird expert , just my novice experience so far.
My one big early mistake went out to look at a fishing boat and nearly never made it back.

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Nice shot, but as @HantsFlyer said, be wary of Herring gulls, one dive bombed my 2S the other week, it left blood on the props, so it was meaning business whatever it was meaning to do!

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Best advice as they cant ascend as quickly as your drone can. Must admit I dont tend to fly where there are flocks of the little buggers about. Wimp I know! :laughing:

I wouldn’t be too sure on that with a Herring Gull. I don’t want to test that out again though! :scream::joy:

Simple advice… avoid flying where there are gulls or large flocks of any birds of any kind, full stop. Harassing gulls, is no worse than harassing any other species of bird or wildlife… Sure they are very likely to come out better off and cost you a lot of money, should they attack the drone, but you are invading their space, not the other way round… To many they are a pest, but in answer to that, I would say, only because of us. If humans weren’t around there would likely be far fewer of them… We are the reason they are so annoying… Yes I know flying at a beach or over the ocean, may well be perfectly legal, but it only takes one person to say you are harassing the gulls and even if your drone survives the onslaught, you may find yourself in big trouble and the authorities, will be very unlikely to care that you lost a grands worth of kit.

I recently sold my Mini 2 so for now, I am droneless, when or if I will get back into the hobby who knows, but flying anywhere, where there are a significant number of seabirds or any large flock of birds, especially gulls is just out of the question and definitely not at this time of the year

Let’s just say ‘be sensible’ about when flying near flocks of birds. Have a plan B. If your flying at the coast, you can’t help but fly near sea birds of any kind, you don’t necessarily have to be near a nature reserve, preservation area to encounter them.
My earlier post, yeah my 2S was attacked, totally my fault, I took off literally just below where the gulls might of been nesting, who knows, but there was no sign of gulls for 10minutes prior to me launching it, and for at least a minute or so up in the air, so when I brought it down, I had to bring it down obviously where I’d launched it, and that’s when they hit me! This is an example of 1 out of maybe 100 flights so far, and is the worse, that’s happened. Its not like a scene out of The birds generally when you go coastal flying, if owt happens, sport mode, up, and across to safety😁

If they have chicks they will aggressively defend them and your drone to them is a Bird of Prey so I would stay clear of them.

All good advice here ,yes a few chicks about ,probably best stay away from the coast during rearing season.
They are relentless.

I’ll say… its the hot weather mixed with alcohol. :rofl: :rofl: