AC to DC converters

Hi there I have been using AC to charge my batts (with toolkitrc M6DAC charger) at home and in the field knowing that my charge rate is being capped by the amps and i am not getting 1c charge rate most of the time. i usually charge 12 bats at once on 2 parrallel boards 6 1100mah bats and 6 1300mah bats comes out to around 15 amps all together. my charger caps out at around 3.7 amps per side would it be worth getting an ac to dc 24v converter ??

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Hi Ben
What charger are you using?
Please don’t tell me you are putting AC into your balance board :thinking:

no no :rofl: i am uting the toolkitrc M6DAC
i should have stated that

That charger takes supply from either AC mains or DC upto 28v
Your best option is to use a 12v battery, or one of @notveryprettyboy 's field packs when in the field.
This will give you charge capability with no current/power capping (other than charger max which is 65Watt)

12 * 6s is 312 so if you want 15a that’s a 5kw charger (maths need verifying). Could be tricky. You may be asking too much from a charger unit. The best I’ve seen is 1kw.
I’d recommend multiple charger units and big lipos or car batteries.

yh i was looking at getting 2 isdt single chargers and 2 ac dc converters then i get 15 amps per charger but isnt that practical in the field. but i dont charge that much in the field so my genny will get the job done no problem

Cool. Its not just the power supply though. The isdt needs to be capable of giving the watts too. That’s your bottleneck

im gonna do somore more reseach i think

so this is incorrect then im getting confused this says the charger will have enough output the charegr im looking at is 500w and the power supplly is 380w. it says 1.3 amper per pack so im guessing its added 6 together

For a start, my maths were wrong. If your charging 12 lipos at 15a, thats 26*15 so 400 watts. ( sorry, 10 hrs driving yesterday)

yeah i was on for 9 hours went to penzance yesterday. i think im good with going for the 380watt converter and getting and the isdt chargers . thanks for the help

got the skyrc 380 ac to dc converter and works like a dream get 17amps out of it no problem thanks for the help everyone

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