Accuracy of GPS speed readings?

This was flying my iFlight Nazgul5, using TBS M8-2 GPS unit which gives average of 11-14 sats in this location (have had up to 17 on occasion)

Top speed was straight out of a vertical dive, with a 20-25mph tail wind (it was very blowy tbh!)

I watched the speed on the OSD rocket up to OMG levels, I saw it climb to >200kph - but only saw the max speed when reviewing the video from the goggles later as I was kinda busy at the time…

One off anomaly? - I’m not sure what’s actually possible - and I wouldn’t want @notveryprettyboy to think I was after his record if this is dodgy data! :smiley: (It did however juice almost an entire 1500mah battery in 2.01 mins. :flushed:)


Well done mate! Been waiting for some competition.
@DeanoG60 where’s my 6s lipo…


Post it in the speed thread Dave. The mods won’t add it unless you put it there


ok… done (Eek!) :smiley:


GPS speed measurements are very accurate when it comes to consistent speed measurements. They aren’t the fastest when measuring changes in speed.

200kph! That should give the DJI FPV guys something to think about :+1:


Think on this…March 20 is the storm incoming and it could lead to satellite technology issues.

To fly or not to fly

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