Active Track v5

If only…

What skill though


Better than the official DJI/WRC pilot who flew his Inspire into a WRC car in Sardinia when I was there in 2017.

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I’d be even more impressed if he was flying from inside of the car…? Otherwise he’d presumably lose signal?

Nope. He was stood the far side of the track near the top of the jump.
You don’t lose signal from the car. Cold days I’ve sat in my car and flown. :+1:

I meant with the first video

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Ahh! :wink:

I’ve been in a rally car driven by a world champion WRC driver (Richard Burns).
That defined “white knuckle ride” for me … and I’ve done a load of extreme things in my life! Just total sensory overload. (But amazing fun!)

Flying FPV would be a serious challenge!

Richard Burns
That’s F**k all
You should go for a ride with my 85 year old mam
Now that’s a white knuckle ride