Adding music


How & where do you wizards get your music to add to vids?


We have one member, @EricMatyas, who makes his music available to us …

Please ensure that he is credited in the video when using his material.:+1:


Thanks OV, had a sneaky peek ! big selection on offer. Not ready to put anything together yet but want to get the ‘how-too’ in place for some practice. Cheers :+1:


I’m sure others will come along with their suggestions - that was the one that came to mind first and, since it’s another member, worth a plug. :wink:


Totally agree !


You can totally free music free via YouTube studio. it’s not all good, so you have to be selective, but it is a good staring point and totally free!


A useful tip is to pick your music first and edit the video to match. Transitions on the beat and visual images that match the words can make it look quite slick. It’s what I attempted here, well with two words anyway.


Nice! :+1: I need to get my head round movie editing first, finding it all quite uphill but love a challenge.


There was a recent discussion with some useful links on this subject just last week, albeit in a completely unrelated thread :blush:


I knew that was around somewhere …. :+1:


Totally agree, just discovered that myself and makes it so much easier and quicker to edit


Seemed beyond me too, but davinci resolve and a powerful enough pc made it pretty easy. I been using as my source of royalty free music


There’s an amazing guy Kevin Mcleod who has a website and it is free under a creative commons license as long as you give him a credit.