Advice on a replacement tablet

Well it looks like my dedicated drone phone Samsung Galaxy S6 is on its last legs as it keeps crashing, think its time to upgrade and get a tablet but not sure which one. I will probs buy secondhand and cant afford a Ipad mini 4 so what are my other options?. At the minute Im using Dji Go4 and litchi so I will need something that can run them both, anyone got any recommendations?

Hi, I use an NVIDIA Shield K1 Android Tablet with my DJI Inspire, not too big a screen, a great graphics chipset and fast processor -

Never let down


I use a second hand IPad mini, 2. Cost me £80 and it does the job nicely. Don’t matter what you use, it’s always difficult in bright sunlight.

I use a Huwawei T5 10" no issues and just over £100. In hindsight wish I’d gone for smaller screen to fit in the controller. Dang! I have approached Dji to get the screen to portrait on go4. This would fit and solve the problem.

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I use an Acer 10.1" tablet with the phantom and it’s excellent £50 used Ebay

If you want to go cheap and cheerful, Rich, I’d have a look at the Teclast P80. It doesn’t have 802.1ac WiFi but it does have:

Octocore processor.
Android 9
Built in GPS
4G capable with a SIM
A bright 8inch HD screen
Long Battery life.

And currently £89 on Amazon but I think Peter at, which GA has a discount with, has it for about £80

I had this tablet for a few days and would have kept it but it didn’t have unrestricted 5GHz WiFi, which was something I really needed. I ended up going with a Huawei M5 Lite 8 at twice the price just for this feature.



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Hi Nidge

Does the M5 Lite 8 work faultlessly?

Hi Eric

For what I’m using it for I’ve so far Ive not had any I ssues.

These are the scenarios I’ve used it for so far:

Yuneec CG02 and CGO3 cameras (CGO3 on FCC ch165)
GoPro Hero3 Black
Parrot Anafi on FreeFlight6
Parrot Disco on FreeFlightPro
As an Analog FPV Screen with OTG receiver and FPVGO App.
QGroundControl via Bluetooth to MavLink Radio and Pixhawk.
SpeedyBee App for Naze32 and up programming in the field.

GPS is very fast in acquisition but as there is no magnetometer bearings can only be resolved with movement, which could be an issue if you rely on the little radar screen in some drone Apps, but this is common with most tablets.

Along with the usual more domestic type Apps, Netflix, YouTube, Web browsing etc. The screen can be turned up so it’s painful to view under normal conditions but easily viewable in sunshine. Battery life is also very good, as are both front and rear cameras. It’s relatively light weight so easily manageable on my Taranis and the DJI and Parrot controllers.
Audio through the internal speakers is one of the best I’ve heard on a device like this. But you have to appreciate it is one of the more pricey 8inch tablets without much change from £200.



That’s great!
Thank You Nidge.

Might treat myself to one.

I bought the Huawei MediaPad T3 7" Tablet for £50 from Amazon Warehouse deal. For me it works perfectly. Not too big either or too small…

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Hi Nidge.
Finally bit the bullet and bought a M5 Lite 8" from Currys today.
I traded in a samsung tablet and got £65 off - making a cash outlay of £105.
Picking it up tomorrow.

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Can I ask what app you are using this with please, I’m looking for a 7inch Android that will run with the DJI Fly app for the Mavic Mini?

I use dji go for my p3 pro. Boots up quickly enough and nice bright screen