Advice on good locations in the Scottish Borders and NW England


I’m going to be driving from Duns to Gretna in the fairly near future, then from Gretna to Appleby in Moreland, and from there to the outskirts of Sheffield.
I’ve done some research on the drone location map, with a few options.
I’ve also found Scott’s View.
If anyone who lives in or is familiar with, that area has any suggestions, I’d be most grateful. Happy to deviate from the main road route!.

From Gretna to Appleby I’ve found some possibilities - Heritage railway near Alston, Ormside viaduct and possibly High Force waterfall.

Again, local knowledge trumps all and suggestions for this leg are equally welcomed.



Have you looked at our own Drone Scene that has many locations mapped in that area …

Nice wee place, Duns, I’ve shot a few weddings at Duns Castle. If you are heading to Scott’s View then Leaderfoot Viaduct is also nearby and worth a visit. Also worth checking Smailholm Tower and Floors Castle. A place down there I’ve always fancied flying at is the old WW1 Stobs Camp - Stobs Military Camp - Wikipedia

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Thanks - looks very helpful.