Advice on Tablet Mount for the Mavic 2 Controller

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I’m looking for a little advice on tablet mounts (ipad Mini 4) on the MAvic 2 controller. I know you can clip the Mini 4 into the grips section of the controller, but I’m not a fan of having to move my vision that far away from line of sight with the drone. I also don’t much like the mounts that have a metal base and sit over the controller screen and joysticks.

I much prefer the mounts that come round the back and lift the tablet above the controller. For me it’s much less looking for here to there and back again.

So the first question is “does anyone have a preference for a mount like this?”

The second question is “does this setup cause planar interference in the aerials because of the large metal object (the Mini 4) sitting just behind the aerials?”

Sorry folks, I’m very picky about how I want my setup to look.

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I’m also thinking about doing this

I really like this setup, but it only works for phones. Simple to unpack and setup and doesn’t cover the controller in scaffolding.

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I think this is a personal thing?

For me, it doesn’t matter. The Inspire controller doesn’t have a LCD display anyway, and when using the Mavic then any info that is on the lcd is also on the screen in the app - so the lcd info becomes redundant.

You might want to consider balance too. It might be very back-heavy?

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Thank you @B0M0A0K by the way, for one of the clearest and most descriptive topic titles we’ve seen in a long time :smiley:

I knew exactly what to expect when I clicked on the topic title, and it’ll help others when searching for similar topics.

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Thanks! I can’t promise to always be this clear, but on this one I actually wanted people to respond rather than glance at the title and go “Nah!” :weary:


I had one like that but found it unbalanced the controls didn’t feel right
I have now got a polar pro one and love it you can move it so it feels balanced
And I don’t like ball mounts

You are absolutely right of course. Like driving a car or flying a full scale aircraft, each person will have thier own preference for how they want things done.

Absolutely agree with the top-heavy comment. It’s something I am very mindful of which is why I am very reluctant to get something like the Mavmount, or the Sunnylife thing here;

It might be that my solution will be to get the controller connection I like and the either modify or add parts from a different mount to get what I’m looking for.

Any thoughts on the potential intereference question - I guess that is the more important question because if it’s a problem then it renders the mount question Irrelevant.

Do you have a link by any chance @scorps

At present I use a mobile but have recently bought an iPad 4 I did wonder about that question Haven’t ever heard any negative comments to support so guess that’s a good thing Still like to have this confirmed though :thinking:

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That’s true. I guess if this were a known problem more people would be shouting about it?

comes with a crystal sky mount and a tablet mount


This is the mount I have, it can be used with the tablet mount or use the bracket for a CrystalSky, I have the CrystalSky. It is a great mount, really good quality for the price. You can set it up so you get great balance so it is easy to hold even without the lanyard.

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I would like to have the type of holder that puts the tablep in front of the controller, like this:

Just wondering what the consension of that type compared to this type

Also any recomendation for the first type please

I’ve just got this one and it holds my 10.1 tablet with about an inch to spare :grin:

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I have ordered one of these, to see what its like -

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