Affinity Photo 2 & Affinity Suite 40% Off

Seriff have released a completely new version of Affinity Photo and have limited time offer of 40% on it (£35.99 instead of £59.99) and you can get the whole suite; Photo 2, Designer 2 and Publisher 2 for £89.99 (£149.99 normally).

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I guess one has to purchase this all over again…

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Yeah, got only about ten years use for £30 software, what a ripoff! (Actually I got mine for free with X-Rite.)

Only purchased mine fairly recently.

Purchased for IPad £9.99 bargain

Ditto. I’ve only had a few months use out of the full suite, but unfortunately the new version does have stuff that would really benefit me pretty much immediately. Still, just go look at the price of Adobe and you’ll soon feel happy again!

I only really use it for stacking as it does a quicker and better job of it than photoshop imo. Will have to find some reviews.

Or is going to be one of those limited time offers that’s on forever.

Nah, but they do regularly offer individual discounts on them. Even at a full price they offer incredible value for money. Affinity Photo 1 for example was released about ten years ago and was regularly updated with new features and improvements. They aren’t some fly-by-night applications and Photo is just as good as Photoshop.