After the Rains

This is the River Isla in Coupar Angus after days of rain. It bursts its banks almost every year at this point, and every year people still attempt to drive through it. As I was filming and taking pictures the driver of the white van arrived to revover some items and had a chat with me. When he drove through it was late at night and pitch black, there ware also no signs up closing the road (there are now). By the time He realised the water level was more than a couple of inches his van had already been lifted off its tyres and carried accross the road. Fortunately there was fencing, trees etc stopping the current carrying him away or it could have been worse than a waterlogged van!
While I was filming there were people still driving through, despite all the signs saying the road was closed, and of course the two stranded vehicles that are pretty dead give away.


Nice Panos… but it be disturbing to see floods like that. Is it a regular thing ?

Yeah unfortunately. This bit of road floods almost every year, and ever year people have to be rescued. If they dont let this area flood then the next town, perth, gets hammered.