Agonda Beach Goa

I finally got round to finishing my first real attempt at making a video from clips taken in Goa. Comments and constructive critisism welcomed.


Nice beach! Maybe just one suggestion…be a little more aggressive with your cuts, see if you can say what you want to in 90 seconds…? Mess with speed settings to. If you can’t bring yourself to cut, you can always go faster…!

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Yeah thanks, I was thinking it was a bit long…

Nice footage, but yes could have been cut a bit. Maybe vary the altitude / camera angle a little?

Some good ideas here, critiquing what other people have done:


Thanks for this, it is very useful. I realised my video was way too long and people would get bored after I had done it, so it needs cutting down to about half the length at least.
I need to spend more time with Davinci Resolve to see what it can do, so my first attempt was only using the very basics, so a lot more practice is in order I think.