Air 2 /2s Charger and bits and bobs [SOLD]

Due to my declining health I’ve decided to drastically cut down on my drones :sleepy: No point in having an air 2s and it sitting in a cupboard. The drone is already gone but I have this charger which is really quite good as it can charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously! Comes with flashy LED display and can also put the batteries into hibernation mode. I’ll throw in a lanyard, prop keeper and joystick protector.
£30 + postage at cost.

I have one of these chargers and I can confirm they are a good buy.
With this charger you can fully charge or you can charge the batteries to the correct hibernation level
You can also discharge the batteries to hibernation level if you don’t use all your batteries and they need discharging.

Very good charger and a bargain at that price.
@Steviegeek if you haven’t got one of these you need one.


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Looks like this is now sold :+1: