Air 2s dead pixels on photos

I got a DJI Air 2s last week and am loving it so far. However I’ve noticed what appear to be several dead pixels that are showing up on night shots. I’ve notified DJI support and am waiting a response. Anyone else had this? Top left and bottom right particularly noticeable.

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I’ve layered those images in Photoshop and can’t find any dead pixels.

If there were, they would appear in the identical position in each image - but none do…

I think you are only seeing things that are glinting light in the dark.

Possible proof of a dead pixel would be if they appear in a photo taken in complete darkness.

Hmm that’s interesting… I can see a bright white / red one in the top left hand corner in two different monitors and on a phone… is my software doing something weird? However I like your suggestion… I’ll have to point it out the window shortly and see what happens (just about to do my CofC exam…)

That probably isn’t “complete darkness”. Any glint of light will show and negate the exercise.

A dark room in the house with the lights off would be my suggestion.

I think you maybe right Daniel but it’s very hard to see


Indeed - with you homing me in, there is something odd.

But I wouldn’t call it a “dead pixel” that tends to be a white pixel.

Doesn’t help that these images are jpegs … a RAW would be better.



(I have to avoid the dead pixel on my laptop screen … :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah would definitely be beneficial to see a couple of RAW images to compare. I have had random coloured pixels like this when editing dark firework photos but they weren’t always in the same position. I ended up removing with the healing tool in Snapseed

I had one in my DSLR … during the comet pics/time-lapses in 2020! :rage:

But a sensor reset cleared them quick enough … when I noticed, after it was too late for repeat takes. :man_shrugging:

Careful editing modified just the one pixel.

You must have been gutted Dave

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Just 1 pixel … once I’d copied from the adjacent pixel it was invisible.
Did it mathematically in Davinci Resolves Fusion where you can read and write single pixel values. Took a while to set up - but then automatic in render perfect result.

So you repaired the 1 pixel in 1 frame and then Davinci Resolve auto corrected the rest of the frames?

Yup - it was always in the same position - so copied RGB values from (an OK) pixel x=10. y=20 into the duff pixel x=11 y20. (I don’t recall the exact coordinates of the pixel … but that’s the idea.)

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Thats a cool feature :sunglasses: Do you have to go through it frame by frame though?

Ok just taken a load in dark room. Not a random pixel to be seen anywhere completely black… that was on a high shutter speed and ISO100. Interesting to see if a higher ISO makes a difference. Will try a few again in a higher ISO…

The originals were all Raw but I don’t think I could upload them so exported to jpg…

On separate note… I have just found out the the aircraft lights automatically turn off when you take a picture… clever… I only just found that out when I hung it out the window thinking they would light up the room and then discovered that!


Nope - once I’d defined the mathematical routine in Fusion for one frame, it does it for every frame.

You could always zip them and upload the zip - or use one of the file transfer sites.

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If you need to transfer a RAW for people to examine you can use WeTransfer. Just upload the image and then copy the link and post it back here. We use it all the time in our weekly Photo edit competition (I use the word competition loosely as its a fun, friendly comp with with no prizes) lol

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Ok will do that… I’ve used We transfer in the past for video stuff but wasn’t sure on the etiquette of posting links here :slight_smile:

Interesting results… will zip the folder and do that… my internet upload here is dire this could take some time… if I get bored I’ll just connect my mobile…

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There is still a single file limit of 50MB.(if you post zip file here - not WeTransfer). :wink:

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Wow 50GB limit, would take me all year to upload 50GB on my shitty internet service :rofl:

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