Air 2s Dlog noisy footage?

Hi all.

New to drone filming and Dlog editing. There is a lot of noise that becomes apparent as soon as I add a LUT (tried DJI’s own LUT and a few others). What am I doing wrong? Or is this noise a fault with the camera? Not had it long so if its a camera fault I can easily get it sent back to Amazon and I’ll get another, but if it’s my lack of knowledge / skill… :confounded:

I ended up putting a mask on the LUT to reduce the noise at the outer edges.


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Hi @Datmandan I’ve edited your post to include the OneBox preview.

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What editing software did you use?

Thankyou! I use Final Cut Pro (all software is up to date).

Whats it look like if you add some manual colouring instead of going down the LUT route?

I think I still had a similar issue but will have a play about when I get home👍

I’d read that the Air 2S Dlog was pretty good, have a check of this

Yeah I researched it before I got it and was impressed…. So I’m disappointed with what I’m seeing and wondering if it’s me….

Review the original Dlog footage close up in your preferred video editor. If no noise is visible/present then it’s likely your processing pipeline is the cause.

I’m not familiar with FinalCut but you may want to check that you’ve got your project set up properly. You can also try doing a colourspace transform from Dlog to Rec709 prior to any additional corrections.

What were your settings when filming iso/shutter/ev frame rate etc?

Ok so had a quick play, if I don’t use the DJI LUT (or the free two I downloaded) it goes away although I’ve not achieved the same look as I could with the LUTS. It didn’t occur me to that the settings weren’t encoded quite the same fashion into the video file as they are with photos so I can only tell you it was 25 fps, I can’t remember what I set the ISO etc too. Note to self that I make a note of the video settings for future reference. I’m tempted to upload a section of the raw via wetransfer if anyone is interested to have a gander and offer a more expert opinion.

Yeah by all means up some. I use FCPX and can have a little play

To me that looks like a render issue. I haven’t used Final Cut Pro, I use Premiere Pro. In that I see similar issues when I don’t use VBR 2 Pass for Bitrate Encoding. The difference is night and day, buttery smooth, noise free export.

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Here is the RAW footage, I think I’ve answered my own questions in that I’ve pushed it too far with some of the grading… but interested to hear your own feedback :slight_smile:

Looks fine to me.

I’m also using Davinci Resolve … but the Studio version, which I think is needed for access to the “Color Space Transform” fx ?

That does a better job than a LUT, imo.

But, just applying that and no other grading, here’s a frame grab …

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I agree, if used the basic LUT from DJI it doesn’t have the noise… I think I was pushing too hard and needed to adjust the mix on the other LUT I downloaded. I’ll chalk it down to experience and play about downloading some more LUTs! Thanks for having a look :+1:

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There’s plenty of tutorials for grading log manually, in DR, and not using LUTs at all. That’s how I graded log … until the new DR colour space control was introduced.

Once you’ve done that, and found a grade you like for that stage, you can save it and just drag it into future D-Log footage as your starting point.

I think you have too to be honest

As @OzoneVibe mentioned instead of the LUT route have a look at manual colouring, a simple color wheel adjustment in FCPX might be all you need

You can always save any adjustments you make (and like) as your own LUT for future use

With log you actually need to expand the log compression with curves. It’s not just a colour wheel adjustment.

The right half of the preview is with the DR’s Colour Space Transform … which does such a good job. The left half is the result of applying a quick curve (shown below) to the image.

This is the resulting histogram …

More could be done - that’s just a quick tinker using only curves.

Interesting. I’ve had a play with the colour curves myself and I had no noise issues. I’m always amazed at how much pop you can give to an image from Dlog!

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