Air 2s - Where are the advanced gimbal settings?

I am trying to follow 'Ian in London’s advanced gimbal settings video but the setting is missing from my app. It should be under ‘Allow upward gimbal rotation’ but its missing. I am using Go Fly version 1.9.4., RC Firmware 04.12.0100 and A/C Firmware 02.04.2500. I am using a Tripletek Pro 8 tablet. Can anyone help please?

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Have you got the drone connected?

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They are under the control tab and Gain and Expo Tuning

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@sparkyws Many thanks. Found the settings where you said. Ian was obviously working from an earlier version of the app.

Will you post a link to Ian’s advanced gimbal guide please?

They keep changing the layout… This is the more up to date video:

They just want to keep you busy. :wink: