Air mode practicing

I got out for a little bimble with the Eachine LR3, and feeling brave, I decided to try some very tame rolls and flips in Air mode.

Rolls are fine, although I need to practice not losing altitude, my first flip was less successful, although the second was fine. Again, not losing altitude seems to be the thing to focus on.

I think I need to increase my rates quite a bit, and improve my throttle management, but no crashes (it was just a harder than usual landing on the first flip) so I’m happy.

Li-ion batteries don’t give you the same punch as Li-Po for sure though…


it’s always hard to decide what battery’s to use {Li-ion or Li-Po} but at least you have tried some roll’s a lot better than i could have done. but keep it up.

Yeah, I know what you mean, but this little quad is a 2S which takes 2 x 18650 Li-ion batteries. Probably not the best one to practice with, but it worked out fine… :rofl:


yeah Li-ions don’t have the power for freestyle that would be why you lost so much altitude. You would of been asking for more power than the batteries could deliver.

this is where C rating matters on Li-pos higher C rating means faster delivery of power.

your flips and rolls where spot on but you’re choice in quad let you down. you didn’t have enough power to pull out of the rolls or flips. This means you’ve out grown your setup and time to move on to bigger and better quads :ok_hand:t2: get yourself a 5" freestyler :ok_hand:t2:

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To avoid losing altitude, do a quick punch out before the trick, reduce the throttle to zero, complete the roll/pitch and then throttle up again.

Yeah, others have said the same and it went reasonably well this morning.

I guess it is a case of practicing to build muscle memory and nail the accuracy.