Air & Pro: How they handle wind differently

Hello all
Over the last few weeks, given our weather, I’ve been doing some wind comparisons and test on the Pro and Air.
It was actually very interesting, as after my first video, I discovered the reason for the seemingly poor handling of wind by the Pro when not in Sports Mode, especially compared to the Air.
It’s actually not handling it badly, but differently, and all to do with pitch and the Obstacle avoidance sensors.

That led me to do two videos explaining precisely what the Air message “Attitude Too Large” means and why it’s actually helping you, and aslo one on how to disable the OA system on the Mavic Pro in order to achieve much better wind handling when not in sports mode.
So, for those of us in windy climes (which I think will be most of us here in the UK :slight_smile: ), the following two videos may be helpful,


Very useful information. Thank you for sharing with us.
I have a Spark and always fly in Sports mode as it’s very quick to get wherever I want and then switch to normal mode if I am recording video.
Spark manages wind very nicely.

Thanks for the videos @ianinlondon :+1:

Interesting comparisons with surprising results too!