Airdata questions

1st. Honest! I have searched but failed to find to “right” section to post this question, so if it is wrong here, please move and my apologies.

2nd. AirData. My Mini 3 Pro uploads my flights to DJI but did I set that up? I can’t remember how if I did but running AirData on my MacBook syncs okay with DJI after each flight and I can access my flights no problem. Is there a procedure to set that up or is it automatic. (I have a DJI RC).

3rd. I have added a Mavic 3 Classic to the hanger but the few trial flights I have made (while I work through my A2 CofC with UAVHub) do not appear on AirData. I use a second DJI RC that came direct from DJI with the drone. I have tried to “add drone” under the equipment tab but it isn’t there as per their help video. I only have a free account and wondered if that restricts me to one drone. If not…

Can someone please advise me as I have been going round in circles on here and on the web trying to find out how to view my Mavic 3 flights, as it will take over from the mini 3 when I am ready.

Thank you in advance


Hi Brian - check this page out in AirData

Should have most of the info you require. On the RC controller there is a setting for auto sync of flight logs this need to be selected on (you can turn it off again whenever you want) and you need to have an internet connection - the RC will auto turn this off on take off so it will be off when you get home .

@Jhdee Thank you for this John. Appreciate swift reply and link to answer. I assume that my “free” account doesn’t restrict me to a single aircraft.


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None of the AirData account levels restricts the amount of drones, only the amount of flights. :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks for that too @Edison. To square the circle and end this, I obviously set my original RC to upload data but hadn’t on the second one with the Mavic. Done now and all flights from both aircraft are up on AirData and can be scrutinised on the map and with all the telemetry.

Thanks Grey Arrows for help yet again. :smile: