AirData uav not syncing files

I don’t know if I’m doing some thing wrong ( head scratch ) I’ve had air data on my phone for a while and only ever really used it to check weather wind gusts pilots nearby etc,it was only when I’ve spent some time on here reading peoples topics posts etc and trying to learn more about GADC,I see someone has had to use there air data uav flight log,so I thought ok that’s a handy little tool syncing your flight logs especially if you need them in a hopefully not to uneventful scernario,so I’ve gone on the air data app gone into settings allow access dji etc,when I press sync now last 7-30 or whatever days it keeps saying “ syncing - then no new files “ does anyone kindly know if this is my error ? Maybe I’ve forgot to turn some thing on I’m not sure,I logged out and logged back in still nothing,btw it’s just a standard free account so I wondered if I had to pay a subscription,any thoughts would be great….
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Have you set your Fly app to sync files ?


Good point I’ll check

That’s been on since day one,is that the one
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Yes, that’s the one - maybe try turning it off and back on again :wink:

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Done that still nothing could it be because I’ve cleared cache

Problem solved I refreshed the logs in the fly app & now there in the air data app
Thankyou for your help

Just want to add to that thread that is a really good platform ( app ) it tells you things I never new existed “ very clever “ brilliant app !
Now I think I’ll do more time trying to read on GADC ( which is how I came across what’s within the app ) rather than jumping in head first and trying to run before I can walk ! I love it,it amazes me how air data knows what it does :clap:t2::clap:t2: I’ve defenatly got off to a slow start but I’d like to think I’m slowly learning,some times when people don’t come back to you straight away ( with a solution ) and you manage to find the solution then I suppose that’s all about the learning & achievement rather than having every answer and solution thrown at you,although some times it’s forever a brick wall and not sure if this is the right word but your desperate & frustrated to just get a solution as quickly as possible !
I’m glad I found GADC I’m starting to enjoy it more & thanks to all for the support when needed :+1:t2:

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I did originally start the topic in questions & answers not sure if It got moved earlier,if I did post it in the wrong location my apologies

Also ensure that your dji account is linked in the settings for Airdata.

It will sync from there daily, which if you have done that might have been the real solution.

Manually sync from the airdata website if not updating.

For anybody who isn’t getting their app to sync especially on the RC for the Mini 3

Make sure the app on the controller shows all your flights and they are uploaded to the DJI cloud.

to check go to…

Profile → more

and the cloud symbol to the right of each flight doesn’t have an arrow on it.

then go to this page on Airdata and click sync.

You should then find that your airdata app on your phone is fully updated.