Airport restrictions zone understanding and and fly outside it

I have a question on airport zone

See picture of the zone with dji geo zone making the runway part longer

My question is am I ok to fly in any area outside the zone, I have pin pointed ENVILLE as a place I want to fly .

Is it safe as long as anywhere outside the zone ? Even if it not close to it?


Close to it is fine, inside of the red is not as it’s ATC controlled. However if you want to be ATCs best friend reach out to them and make them aware when you want to fly. This way if your drone does happen to get spotted by a concerned resident or pilot ATC knows and can be satisfied it’s nothing dodgy


Air Traffic Services

For PPR and aerodrome enquiries only.

Tel: 01384 221378



Use Dronescene, all the info is available :+1:

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His photo is of Drone Scene :blush:

But the DJI layer is on :see_no_evil: :running_man:t2:

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Thanks all, as newbie and the best flyspots where i live are in the countryside near this airport. I wanted to make sure I understand the zone and restrictions.

Most of my fly spots are on - between the flight path restrictions, but outside the red areas.

So I am happy got confirmation that I can choose fly spots in between the flight path stars!

DJI geo I put the layer on as my drone is a DJI, please someone explain the dji geo restrictions why they bigger than the CAA zone and would I be in trouble if fly in dji zones, my understanding is the drone will alert me?

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They made their own rules. No one knows why.

Unlock the zone before you fly there via their website (in case you have no internet in the field) and update your remote before you get there and you’ll be able to take off.

Obviously if you are in actual FRZ then get the required permission from the airfield or whatever authority as well.


DJI layer = NFZ = Where a DJI drone’s ability to fly is controlled by the firmware/DJI - and needs to be unlocked via the app.

FRZ layer = UK/CAA defined zones where it’s illegal to fly without permission from the controlling airport.

The two are totally different in size/shape/location (although some, obviously, are located similarly for larger airports).


If you’re outside and close to you’ll get a warning on the drone (if its DJI) saying you’re close.
Don’t let that put you off, its not - its just making you aware.

Also be aware if theres a blob of a NFZ between you and the drone then things like RTH wont work (it’ll stop).

That’s for the ridiculous, inaccurate and confusing DJI GeoZones … NOT the more important, legally enforceable by UK law, FRZs and other restrictions.

The two are significantly different.

Can’t see the problem. Simply warn users that they’re close to a zone.
It doesn’t stop you flying, doesn’t stop any sort of flight and merely makes people aware they’re next to a restricted area (which often IS a real NFZ and not just a DJI creation).
Most people don’t bother checking any sort of map or service before flight so it helps them. And it can affect things like RTH depending on flight direction and angle.

No harm in a warning of proximity at all.

There is no such thing

Only if DJI have a zone that relates to a UK zone. Many FRZs don’t have a DJI equivalent.

Some DJI zones have no UK restriction.

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There very much is depending on the name in the UK.

Many do have a DJI equivalent, many do not.

Warning someone they’re close to such an area whilst having no effect at all on the ability to fly is no problem at all.

It literally has no effect on the actual flight at all and will purely just get people (the majority of whom never ever check a single map, app or plan before flight) thinking a bit more carefully.

They all do though as (mostly new) DJI stuff wont fly without their silly app

No they don’t…

You really claiming most drone flyers (not ones with more than a normal interest and on forums) really bother using Drone Assist/Scene and maps to determine restrictions before flight? That really isnt the case.
Most turn up somewhere, turn on and fly and just hope the drone control app itself will tell them if its not ok.

Not that it matters here anyway as DJIs warning of proximity to a restricted drone in no way affects the ability to actually fly. You press OK and off you go. You just cant fly IN the restricted zone (or RTH through it)

No I’m not , I’m saying that DJI tells you so

(I guess your reply was at me?)

People got confused with folks banding about NFZ and FRZ, more often than not swapping mid sentence too