Airprox Event

Taken at 60fps

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That looks like one of my quads

So what are we looking at here?
Is it from a light aircraft, was it coming into land, therefore near an airport or recognised NFZ runway area?
Has the aircraft flown below 500ft and therefore into the drones airspace? It looks very low.
The drone seems to be immediately descending to avoid the aircraft, why hasn’t the aircraft pilot turned right as required under air law? if he had spotted the drone in time that is.
The problem with short clips like this is it doesn’t tell the whole story, and is only playing into the hand wringing populist theory that all drones are bad. In this world of instant social media, the facts are often forgotten or deliberately obscured/misrepresented to further someone’s particular interest or point of view.

Sorry man. It was captured from my drone. @Wyntrblue was the drone flying past. I agree, the title implies an incident.

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And that’s the problem. I looked at it again and concluded the way it was flying that it was some sort of RC plane. The title is misleading, more so because there is no explantation for the article.
The Daily Wail ran an article about a 17 year old girl who elected to be euthanised in her country where it is legal. This went viral around the world and upon investigation was found to be false. It was sensationalised by someone who wanted to sell a story, picked up by press syndicates and peddled around the world. It’s soooo easy these days, just a seemingly innocent video or article and boom. As Andy Warhol quoted…soon everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame.

Very true. In fact any video can be taken, captions added, and spread around the world.

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It’d be great to have flown alongside each other tho, filming each other. Now THAT would be much better you tube viewing.

He was chasing me at one point. @Wyntrblue do you have a video?

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I might have dvr. But that quad doesn’t carry hd cam. No idea when I will get time to look tho. Most of the time I use dvr to help find a downed quad or if there’s a problem to help diagnose what it was…

Which reminds me I must update my dvr firmware