Airspace classification review 2019–2020

From CAA SkyWise:

On 30 October 2019 the Secretary of State for Transport wrote to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to amend the 2017 Air Navigation Directions to give us a new requirement to review the classification of airspace.

We are now beginning the first airspace classification review and we would like your help. Click here to see our consultation for more information and respond online before 3 March 2020.

Link: Airspace classification review 2019–2020 - Civil Aviation Authority - Citizen Space

I just received this email as well, however, I don’t really see what we meant to do?

I am imagining that for instance some military nfz’s could become usable at, say, weekends when no manoeuvres or exercises are going on.
They could at least increase drone height limit to 1500ft so we would be compliant with min height over certain areas?