Airspace maps

Does anyone have a good source for UK airspace maps?

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As far as I’m aware neither of those have airspace charts. They may specify areas for drone flying but I can’t see any CAA airspace maps which is what I am asking for.

They all have various layers you can enable to view information you need. Alternatively, you an always buy paper ones: Aviation Charts | UK Airspace Map | UK Airspace Chart | Flightstore

Yeah the information I need and am looking for is everything on a full aviation chart. Unfortunately those links don’t cover it. I know they can be purchased but I was hoping for something a bit cheaper :wink:

Thanks but that seems to be missing a huge amount of information and doesn’t even use a standard legend.

No - it’s a global solution, and it’s free.


Sorry. I do appreciate your response. But it’s not really a solution global or otherwise since, at least in the UK, it seems to miss a huge amount of information on airspace charts. Unless I am misusing it somehow…

You asked about “uk airspace maps”. I’m not really sure what you are after.

Are you wanting charts for VFR? Low level? High level?

Assuming you are after the low level VFR charts, you should find what you need at … but it’s not free, and I don’t believe you’ll find anything meaningful, accurate and up-to-date for free.


Yes I’m after airspace charts aka aeronautical charts aka VFR charts (although I try not to use this terminology as it’s a bit of a misnomer). Just standard CAA 1/4 mil charts.

I’m aware that this is difficult to find for free but it’s not impossible especially for smaller segments than typically sold at pooleys etc.