Alien 560 Quadcopter videos

Here’s a couple of clips taken way back in 2015/16.
This quadcopter (not a drone!) was the first I built and I really loved it.
If you want to know more about it’s built see this YT link …

The first clip is me playing with different PID settings using the bluetooth radiolink.
If you get bored, just sit back and enjoy the music, one of my favourites from Alicia Keys :grinning:

This next one is me showing off my navigation lights, fore,aft, starboard, port

Hope you enjoy
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Rich, does the last video in this post get me the “Night flyer” badge??

I see the arm securing method of your Alien frame is similar, if not the same, as that used on my Vortex 285’s. I’ve long been considering of extending the arms on one of the race quads, along with a motor swap and increase in prop size, to turn it into an endurance FPV quad.

And yes, you should be awarded the Night-Flyer badge.


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Hi @Nidge I did have plans to change the stock hinging arm fittings for fixed aluminium clamps in lieu of the plastic things. Unfortunately the quad died a carbon shattering death from a fair height (still think the quick-release prop adaptors I fitted the evening before were to blame, shook it to death)
I could have rebuilt it but opted to go the TBS Discovery route instead.

If you need spare fittings I have some in a box doing nothing.

Cheers Steve :slight_smile:

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:+1: :+1: thanks

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Hi Rich, whilst you are looking at badges, do I get the Night Flyer :thinking:
Thanks in advance :+1::grin::grin:

Maybe a “night hover” badge :rofl:

Yeah the Night Flyer badge, like most of our badges, is for videos taken with your drone, not of your drone :rofl:

It did fly off into the distance <emoji = indignant>

Arr OK, no problem. :smile:
I’ll try another day.
I don’t think it’s video of it arriving in the tree branches is long enough for even me to submit HAHA

Steve :slight_smile:

Speaking of badges why you not wearing the new one you got :wink:


You mean this one :point_up:

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