Alientech Duo II hardware install for Mavic 2 RC / DJI Smart Controller

I finally took the plunge, watching the Chinese supplied Youtube Video was quite helpful really ( thank God for the subtitles ) I was a bit nervous stripping down the original RC unit ( I have recently purchased the Smart Controller, but didn’t want to risk damaging that ) took about an hour with little gaps inbetween to study the video or rewind a few times to check where the left over screws came from etc, the hardest part I thought was getting the original antenna sticks out of their mountings, the method the Chinese guy demostrated looked much too risky for damge through slipping etc, I opted for a small flathead screwdiver to wedge them out.
By the time I finished it almost dark, but I did a quick test flight in the freezing 1deg C outside temp & it worked fine, so no controller damage, I haven’t done a proper range test yet, but I have my smart controller to compare against, luckily they are both paired to the Mavic 2 Pro so really easy to use without having to pair one or unpare one depending on what I need.!
Specs : Product model: DUO-2458SSB

Dual-Band, Work with 2.4G and 5.8G

Working Frequency Band: 2400-24835 GHz / 5.725-5.850GHz

Working Voltage: 6-9V

Antenna Gain: 2.4G>13 dBi±1 / 5.8G>15dBi±1

Receive Gain: 10 dB±1

Transmit Gain: 15 dB±1

Input power range: 10-20 dBm ( can be used with FCC modded RC )


Nice one @Tony92 - thanks for sharing the details and pics!

I had the exact same problem when I did one of mine a few years ago.

I’m assuming they’ve not changed the antenna mount system since then :roll_eyes:

You’ll love it though - it blasts through any local wifi interference like a demon!


Well finally got around to modifying my DJI Smart Controller to add the QMA antenna quick release connectors so I can switch between the standard omni antennas or connect up the Alientech Duo II amplified directional antenna, or even connect up the short runs of cable to add the antenna to the car roof for cold winter flights etc. Anyway I was a little worried to say the least about stripping down a £500+ unit still under warranty, but decided to give it a go, following the Chinese Youtube video wasn’t too bad actually, here’s the pics, too windy to test it out properly, but connects to craft so that will have to suffice until better flight weather.

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You know what?

That modded controller would now hook up directly to my ground station :wink:

Thanks for sharing the pics @Tony92

What was the trickiest part of doing the mod? :thinking:

Getting the sticky rubber pads off the back & sides of the case - had to use a good directional heat gun especially ordered for the job for that, getting the damned whole flip up antenna fascia off then having to strip that fascia down & move the two thumb wheels across onto the new replacement top fascia that houses the QMA antenna connectors, remembering where all the tiny screws came from & had to go back to, & the rear back middle panel getting that back on again, not something I would relish doing again shall we say.

Here’s the installation video I used to follow the technique

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I may have a spare windscreen whip antenna sucker mount if of use?

I’ll have a rummage in my box of spares.

I’ve already got a couple to mount the ALientech Antenna to actually, just haven’t got around to using them yet, thanks anyway.

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Ah, that’s exactly the same as the mount I used to use on my Titan amp kit.

Sorted :slight_smile:

I could do with getting some 7dbi qma connecting whips (2.4/5.8 dual) with angled joints for backup as one thing I really loved about the SC was the folding movable antennas, the small clip on whips I have now are fixed position & I could do with some that can be fine angle adjusted to path of drone in relation to the SC do you know of a reliable supplier ?

Bought my whip antennas from Titan a couple of years ago:

Who sadly, are no longer trading.

Try MaxxUAV (members discount available) or Covert Drones (.com) - both overseas though.

@Nidge may know someone UK based? :thinking:

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