All Saints Church - Ulting

A beautiful little old church I visited yesterday afternoon after work. Perched on the banks of the River Chelmer aprox 8 miles East of Chelmsford it has stood on this spot sinse 1190AD. While there I met a lovely couple who got married at the church 40 years ago and had come along to pay their respects to her mother who was buried in the graveyard. We chatted for ages, they learned about drone flying and the tech involved and I learned all about the history of this lovely place.

Anyway, one or two hairy moments with the trees and the river but overwhelmingly a wonderful two and a half hours spent in the fresh air, the sun and enjoying my favourite hobby.

Critique welcome. We never stop learning.


Love the start to the video :+1:

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You did


Nice video though ;o)

I do this every damn time! :smiley: Thank you…I really must try harder lol

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