Almost lost the drone outside Vilamoura harbour


Sh*t the bed… Almost lost the drone outside Vilamoura harbour. Didn’t like the wind and started complaining about magnetic interference. Perhaps from the hotels? Although was nowhere near and within VLOS out over the sea. It then temporarily ‘fell’ out of the sky and then corrected itself but was also flying on the piss due to wind… Looked really weird… Landed and decided to drink instead… Any ideas guys?

Draining batteries for a flight to Portugal

Not going to know much until you can get to the flight records.
I would do a re-calibration (compass, etc), and test somewhere where you are likely you get no interference.
Never encountered that one with my M2P.


Moved your post to a new thread here @Lozzer - rather than pull the original travel thread too far off topic :+1:t2:


Cheers for the move, still learning forum etiquette… It’s never asked me to calibrate so not done it yet. Will research later but good shout, cheers

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What will the flight records tell me about the interference? Can I share with you guys to see if you can help me figure it out?


If you have not already got “Airdata” or “Hdsync” Apps installed on your Phone/Tablet, then you are not going to be able to tell what the problem was/is.
They monitor all the data from your flights, and allow it to be uploaded (via Hdsync) to “Airdata” .
This then allows you to replay any flight you may undertake, and gives a shit load of data on batteries, direction of flight, warnings, etc,etc.
I suggest if you have not already installed them, do so.


Was there by any chance a load of boats with radar in the harbour, it’s a long shot but I recall filming an ocean going boat from nearby it and getting some weird interference. In the interim until you can get airdata app, download the flight log from the Dji app and it’ll show you the track and any warnings received. If you took off from concrete, (harbour??) the metal bars in the concrete will upset the compass to the point that when it becomes airborne and away from the interference, the compasses will disagree with each other and give you a magnetic interference warning.


That’s a really good shout @Brian. Was on the edge of the marina and took off from concrete… Interesting… The flight data I have is on an older Droid but will take a look and try to report and findings :+1: cheers

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As @Brian has said, the combo of big chunks of metal (boats) and the radar equipment coupled with the probability of (very) reinforced concrete is your problem.

On a side note, its a lovely part of the world, I flew from the back of figos restuarant on the beach with no issues ;o)


I had that issue both times I was in the Algarve flying (I think I mentioned it in the travel thread)


I had an arse clenching moment yesterday when flying near a ship, all of a sudden remote changes to ATTI and it looked like the drone started dropping over water :scream: I looked over to the drone and pressed RTH then thought “shit if its got no gps it cant return home”. It did come home but I was a bit apprehensive about flying it over water again.
When I looked at Airdata it was in ATTI for all of 1.3 seconds before changing back to gps but it was the longest 1.3 seconds of my life and it never dropped in height it just looked like it had.

Interesting what Brian said cause I was about the same height as the ships bridge :thinking:.


A few years ago I was riding my motorcycle down the A15 past the aerodrome and had my intercom on, speaking to my wife who was riding her motorcycle some distance behind me. As we passed the aerodrome I heard a weird very regular clicking noise in my headphones and had interference. I realised it was the airport radar sweeping round, sending out high energy beams which were interfering with my radio transmissions. And then years later when I was filming an ocean going ship I got weird interference with my drone. It was a squeaky bum moment when it went into atti mode for a few seconds, especially over water.

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Flying over disturbed water messes with the Visual positioning system on my mavic pro. I almost lost it flying over a weir, and at about 5 metres it decided maximum altitude had been reached and started descending even against my trying to climb. Deeply freaky.

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Another reason I have all sensors off on my MP.

I insist that I am the pilot of my MP …. not DJI! :wink:


No GPS either right? Don’t want those pesky satellites telling you what to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They only tell me where, and how many miles away from me, I’m doing it.
(Unless I’m in Litchi mode … :thinking: )