Alnwick Castle

Taken back in 2019 when you could do normal things like getting out at the weekend and visit different places. Remember those days??


Barely :confused:

Lovely photo though Chris, might of been a while ago but looks like you had a good day mate :+1:t2:


It was great back in those days of freedom. I :pray: it wont be much longer. Great photo


My first tentative attempts with the Mini when we briefly escaped Aug 2020.

Let’s hope some normality returns very soon.
Stay safe :pray:t3:


Nice shot, seems so long ago when we could actually go out

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Thanks @Tiggey. I think there are alot of us here also preying for the end of lockdown soon. Missing out on alot of cracking flying opportunities especially with the snowy weather lately!!

A couple of nice shots there @maxuav. Thinking of going down the mini route myself once lockdown end. Especially with the new regs. now.

Thanks @DiamondDragon. The sooner lockdown end the happier everyone will be I think. I just hope the powers that be get it right !

Yes, it’s certainly not the worst choice for a year or 2.
I’ll be posting the Mini For Sale as Santa was very kind and an upgrade landed :sunglasses:

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