Alton Barnes and Barbury Castle - Wiltshire

Another attempt at few shots on a nice day and little attempt at editing! Getting there slowly, long way to go!


Oh mate, this was painful to watch for me. I don’t want to deter you because I’m a beginner too, but I think you shot yourself in the foot! You’ve uploaded this to YT where they have thousands of good advice vids on cameras, drones and editing and apparently you ignored them all. I think you are trying to run before you can walk.
This is constructive criticism as I never posted my first flights because I didn’t feel they were up to a half decent standard and were certainly not as jerky as this one is.
We all have to learn and we all get better with practice but I don’t think anyone likes to see a poorly made video. Just my opinion.


Thank you for the feedback! I know I have a long way to go in learning to master the art of drone filming and editing. As for posting it on YouTube, just because there are better ones around doesn’t mean I ll not upload! It’s called learning curve.


Footage is nice mate, don’t be deterred we all start somewhere.

My advice is be careful with slowing down and speeding up too much as depending on how many fps you shoot in will determine how far you can adjust. Hence the jittery footage at points.

Keep practicing and uploading it’s always good to refer back too and plus not everyone who starts off editing and flying are professionals despite what YT will have you believe

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Perhaps my standards are too high then. I believe that if I do something then I want it done right, no matter how long or arduous it takes. It has taken me 2 years just to get to grips with Da Vinci Resolve and I’m retired so have spent many hours with it. I also do a lot of research to better myself regarding photography and videography.
I would like to have given a lot more likes to the contributors of photos and videos on this site, but my preferences won’t allow me due to silly little mistakes, even tho’ I’ve made those same mistakes.
If it takes me 2 years to upload something to this site then I will be happy and proud to know that it is half decent. I look on it as an apprenticeship; serve my time, learn and practice and then show the world what I can do.

Can I ask, if you’re such a perfectionist, why did you not buy a drone with a better camera? I can guarantee you that someone with a M2P or an Inspire etc that knows what they’re doing will blow yours out of the water, so why bother if all you’re looking for is perfection? In two years time, there will likely be even more capable drones on the market too. I assume you’re using Resolve studio otherwise you’re also missing edits etc that other “half decent” editors can do. Just when I thought I’d learned 16, 17 came along with new stuff. Two years from now it’ll be 18 or 19 that you’ll still be learning.

Alternatively, the OP is just learning his way and happy with what he’s done. In two years, he may well look back and thing “that was rubbish” or “I’m still happy with that” but at least he’s learning if that is what he wants to do.

No matter what we may think, none of us on this site post perfect videos. We may try and we may get better - and Lord knows my early stuff was really crap, some may say it still is - however I don’t think it’s up to any member to be the arbiter of what is “done right”.

I don’t really post my own or interact with others videos on here anymore due to the phantom thumbs down person and I see the OP already has one. It’s unlikely to have shown in any searches on YT yet so again it’s someone here. Why not just give the guy some actual constructive feedback rather than thumbs down and that little verbal kicking you chose to dish out.

I can’t wait to see your soon to be BAFTA nominated opus.


I am open to criticism as I hope we all are. Perfectionist may be too strong a word, and as I have already stated that I’m a beginner with drones hence the Mini 2 to practice with and especially the least constrictive on flying. What you have quoted of me is how I do things, I’m not telling other people what they should do and Veeru and others can take or leave any of it as they wish.
I have already stated that my 1st post was constructive feedback and my 2nd post was how I done things, so where is the “verbal kicking”?

It’s ok to be facetious; as you have stated my Mini 2 camera is not as good as an M2P so I don’t expect to produce a BAFTA nominated opus.

Thank you, point noted on speed!

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My last comment otherwise we’re well off-topic.

Constructive could be, "I like the location. The first edit was a little jumpy though, have you thought of a quick fade out then in to the next clip?" At no point did you offer feedback with a suggested action or alternative course of action. Your comments are examples of negative criticism where the only purpose is to show that something is wrong. It’s disabling rather than enabling. Nothing in your post could ever help the OP, it simply told him it was (in your view) bad and not what you would do.

For it to be constructive there needs to be something the OP could “do” with that criticism. None of this is constructive:

@Veeru, my thoughts would be to mix up your shots a little. These are all rotations with the camera dead level. Barbury has some interesting views from top-down over the castle itself and the shadows would have been great at that time of day. I like the one with you in it as you gave it scale, maybe fly further back and away from yourself next time to show you shrinking in the landscape. The hill drops away quite steeply on the north side so you could start fairly low and by flying backwards the ground would fall away beneath you.

PS, make sure the clay pigeon shooting place is closed!


Sounds like experience Lee

Some good feedback too

Cheers mate, points noted. Didn’t fly near the clay pigeon shooting zone :smile:

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It would seem that you look but don’t see.

Thought that was great for a beginner mate, I too have had many jumpy clips where I’ve slowed it down to much in post. I tend to now shoot lower res but higher Frames per second, only because in 9/10 of my videos I slow things down and this helps. Another tip which I’ve also started using myself is Tripod mode (depending on your drone) slow mode. Just slows things down in the controls and speed overall, it’s less for me to do in post which is always a good thing.

All in all though @Veeru, very good beginner edit, well done. :+1:

Edit: sorry just seen in the video title it’s a mini 2.
Tripod mode - cine mode :+1:


All i can say is nice effort, we are not all pro’s at this :+1:


Thank u mate

Hi, I’ve not read all the comments below as I started and then they got long winded, so sorry if this has been mentioned already, but one piece of advice that has really helped improve my work was to never do a stationary yaw. So always combine it with some movement. The yaw action alone often causes a juddery type of appearance and isn’t as pleasing to watch compared to a yaw when you’re actually moving, even if that movement is slow.
I don’t know why it works like this, but I’ve tested the theory and I feel that it really does help improve the feel.
Keep going and keep practicing.


Many thanks ! Point noted

Thank you for the suggestions. Will try it out next time I am out flying

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Look forward to seeing it

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