Aluminium fireproof UK Operator ID plates

May be of interest to some. I have an aluminum fireproof plate on my M3P with my Cyprus operator ID as per European rules. I thought I would get one for my UK operator number too, even though the print is smaller than CAA 3mm requirement, because the stickers I have used keep coming off and have to be replaced.

Anyway the plate arrived this morning and it was different size to my order. I went online this afternoon to show my brother, as he has a drone too, and now see that they also do them to CAA regulation size and that is what they sent even though I ordered a euro one. :smiley:

I only ordered late last Thursday evening and received from Germany today.

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I would have thought that if the M3P caught fire, there wouldn’t be any need for your ID anymore!


Having seen a LiPo fire and aluminium burn, i don’t think there would be much of the plate left after a fire.
Have you heard of thermite. :grin:

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I thought this rule of being fireproof was only in Germany?

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I’ve got a set of these stamps so can make the plate up if it’s needed.

I thought it was Spain that wanted these on the drone??

Just wondering how it should fastened to the drone? Glue not much point if it catches fire and I’m definitely not drilling holes in it for screws.

I believe it is EASA rule.

I’d have thought a fireproof ID plate made of metal, would take a Mini 3 Pro just over 250gms ?

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Certainly not all of Europe. Germany yes.

The problem is that many general drone sites are very inaccurate when it comes to rules. A lot gets copied.

Indeed, scratch the thin oxide coating off the surface and aluminium will burn with the same intensity as magnesium ribbon. It’s the primary reason why the use of aluminium alloys in ship building was stopped after accidents with HMS Amazon and USS Belknap in the 1970’s.

These ones that I posted about only weigh 0.18g each.

Worth noting that Germany aside, most EASA countries dont require fireproof labelling.

Its a per country not EASA ruling.
Most places a simple sticker on the outside or a compartment you don’t need tools and letters over a certain size is fine.

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Anyone know a supplier of these “fireproof” Op ID’s to put on the drone for flying abroad ? Thanks in advance :wink:

This might help

Or maybe this place, it says fireproof

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You don’t need fireproof stickers to show your EASA number.

Not even Germany apparently.

I didn’t bother sticking my EASA Op ID on with an aliminium plate. I just printed the QR code and stuck it on the mini 2 battery door with sellotape. Lasted the week and it was ok with the local cops when our tour rep spoke to them on my behalf in Sorrento. They just said be careful over people!