Amazing what you see when ratting

No shots were taken or animals harmed in this clip


Great stuff, too often I unfortunately see them splatted along our narrow country lanes. We likewise have ratties out here in t’stix but the bait-boxes seem to keep them under control :+1:. Also enjoy a bit of ‘plinking’ myself (targets/tin cans for now :wink:) - Remington Tyrant .22 - probably not as fancy as yours :smirk:.

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I do pest control on the Dutchy of Cornwall estate so have to have decent equipment but love to just plink away at times lol

OMG :astonished: that’s some heavy-duty hardware there…is there anything actually left of ratty (or target) after you let rip :grin::smiling_imp::crazy_face::exploding_head: ? Tools for the job, I suppose…Take care and stay safe down there, from here in (currently) sunny Northumberland :+1:

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I actually live in Staffordshire so haven’t been able to get down for 8 weeks now, been told my feeders have been destroyed by grey squirrels lol have to get down and put new ones up or repair the damage as soon as poss now :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking::grin: