An ELRS TX Settings Question

I guess I could change some settings, switch models and test this out, but I hope someone can answer this.

I upgraded to the latest 3.3.x version a few days back on the TX to support the servo radiomaster thingy. This also brought in new channel modes, so can run more channels to servo levels. All fine.

Now I went to fly the wing tonight and didn’t have OSD (weird as the WTFOS worked with a quad, but not the iNav wing…). I did get the iNav “post flight” screen though, and thought was weird. I know I have an OSD off switch…

OK long story short, I worked it out when home, that the FC wasn’t getting channels 9 and above, and saw in the receiver section nothing moved. In the ELRS TX setting it was set to 8channel mode! Doh… (Channel 12 controls the OSD… defaults to OSD off at 1500, fine, OK all good). I had a few flights, but auto launch didn’t work (CH9), and luckily I didn’t need RTH… CH11… Thank fuck!

But it made me wonder, I need more detailed channels for the plane (i.e. 8CH mode!) so does the TX remember settings when I switch models (I don’t use model match). I’ve tried to google this, but can’t seem to work it out. i.e. this wing needs 12CH (OK I can probably do some clever mixing to make it work on 8, but…), I want the plane on 8CH. Maybe a @Yith question this one? I cba to watch the bardwell 45 min “intro to ELRS” to find out it’s not covered. So settings such as TX power, packet rates, telem rates, are they remembered between models on EdgeTX radio?

Ahhh maybe this answers it for me. Some more investigation required :slight_smile:

You need to select the correct mode in the ELRS Lua.

You don’t need Model Match, though setting a different Model Number (in Open/Edge TX, next to the bind option) will help a bit.

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Cheers mate. Will have a look again in a few days.

Oh maybe watching this answered everything… Will likely just use the receiver numbers, rather than model match!