Anderton Boat Lift

Just seen Anderton Boat Lift on the TV this evening with drone footage.
Got me thinking it would be a great place to have a little scoot around.
Seems it’s only 30/40 mins away from me so not that far it’s just an area I’ve never been to.
Doesn’t seem to be in a NFZ and I’m thinking if I go early one morning it’ll take it away from the chance of it being a congested area, though would be nice to take a video of it working.
Has anyone flown there, know where to park up early doors and where the best spot to TOAL would be?
Would there be any reason we can’t fly there?
I always feel a ‘naughty boy’ flying somewhere new like I shouldn’t be doing it! :roll_eyes::grin:
Thanks in advance

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It rains a lot there ;o)

But seriously for some ideas

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I love that area but haven’t been for a good few years and certainly not since I owned a drone. As a nipper was fortunate enough to go on it before it closed for decades prior to being restored.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to park in the visitor centre car park - as far as I recall it wasn’t locked and the cost was reasonable. Failing that, park in the village of Anderton itself - there’s a dirt based parking area, here: and then it’s a simple footbridge across the river/canal. Then simply scout around for an ideal TOAL spot - but early hours of the day you should be good.

Nice one @stubbyd

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