Android Weather App

Can anyone recommend a good weather app showing wind speeds.

I think most of us use UAV Forecast mate:

There are probably others out there :slight_smile:

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The Met Office is very app good too. You can set it to show the speed in mph, kph or knots. And it shows gusts as well as steady state. Being the Met Office, its the source data for all other apps I think.

Thanks guys, I installed both of them.

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I have UAV forecast but also have a anonmeter which measures wind speed but the only issue is that is the wind speed on the ground not say 300ft up which could be different

The UAV app gives you wind speed at different heights if you press the Wind Profile button, granted only at 10, 50, and 100m that are relevant to us, above that is not much use as we shouldn’t be flying that high. I also have an anemometer, but as you say it can be different further up.

XC Weather is good.

Yeah just downloaded it, simple but all you need. Thanks for the tip.

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Yes the app gives up to something like 10,000 ft which is completely unrelavent to us. I do have a rule if the trees are bending backwards then I’m staying well away but if theres a breath of wind then green light.