Angel of the North 8/1/20

@Sundowner! Thanks for the meet up today, will try again when the wind isn’t to bad. Haha.


Stunning pics looking forward to the edited video

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Great work if that was a windy day!


you had 2 drones and you didn’t stick a huge boro shirt on it? not good enough guys :smiley:

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Haha we bought the wrong size shirt.

Nice hopefully I can make it next time you meet up

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I’ve had the drone police having their 20p worth on Facebook mind. Apparently I was supposed to fill a form in to fly there. :thinking:

what form would you need for it?!

One to ask for permission to fly. If ask for permission 9 times out of 10 they would say no. Seems everyone who dosnt own a drone, hates drones. Haha

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And thats why i dont do facebook.

The permission to film form seems to be for pfco only or thats what im getting from it.

permissions request guidlines for filming around gateshead

what does this mean?>>> Have a valid “Permissions for Aerial Works” certificate

Should be renamed Fu**Book, and that’s just what they want to do with it !. !

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Thats actually what i call it !

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Might fill a form in and see what they say.

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why not for a bit of fun.

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PfAW is what the CAA used before they changed it to PfCO. Gateshead a little out-of-date there, it changed in August 2016!

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so basically means you cant fly unless you have a pfco qual? what a croc?

I flew and don’t have a pfco. Still waiting for a reply from the council for permission to fly mind. 2-3 days it takes to reply.


be good to hear what they say when and if you get a response