Another DJI Inspire 1 STROBON Cree 3D printed mount thread

Rather than add to @PingSpike thread and do the same again I’ll just keep it short and post a short video instead.

Thanks again to Lance @Njoro for printing them, they are brilliant.

Rather than try and fix them tight I’ve allowed them to be tight enough not to move but also be lose enough to twist them around the boom arm into position, this is because they won’t fit into the Inspak X5 case without being able to do this.

They don’t look that bright in this video, perhaps this was because of the low sun, believe me they are too bright to look at directly.


@MementoMori. “ Love that sky”

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It was a nice sunrise.
I might get around to editing some video soon :thinking::rofl:

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Which reminds me!

@MementoMori you asked if I’d stuck mine in to the holders? The answer was no… after three aggressive flights this morning, they were still in place :+1:

But I did think, “Dammit! Forgot to secure them!” as I brought it in to land after the first flight. Luckily, they were still there :smiley:

I didn’t take the chance, I’ve used a small piece of 3M double sided tape on each to make sure they stay in place.


So how do you charge them up? :thinking:

I’ll use one of the chargers with two USB outputs and do them with them left on there.

But the micro usb plug won’t fit in?

The piece of 3M tape I put on the micro usb socket end so it lifts it up just enough for the plug to fit in.


Two birds with one stone!

Got a pic you could share? :blush: