Another eBay find (Typhoon H) but need help and info

Found this

I am assuming that I need a different license/insurance etc to fly this or maybe not.
Could someone chime in and say NO GO or Possibly :slight_smile:

It might be able to fly to 3200ft but maximum CAA limit is 400ft.

He mentions this in his description. (bit of clickbait there) mentions no height limit but then says you need permission to fly higher than 400 feet.)

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Yeah I saw that and know about the 400ft limit but the height thing is of no interest to me as I am a beginner. My main question is do I just forget about this type of drone or go with the flow if it is worth that money?

My opinion. It’s not a very sturdy drone, the camera mount is on 2 plastic rails and snaps easily, it probably looks sturdier than it actually is. There have been a lot of ‘fly away’ issues with the Typhoon, far more in my view than warrants a seemingly high end drone. It’s a big bigger to lug about and set up. Ken Heron in the USA was given a DJI inspire (similar) but he always seems to prefer to fly the DJI Mavic or the mini because of the faff of setting the inspire up. The only advantage is the sheer number of (expensive) cameras that can be attached, such as infra red and thermal image. I believe the entire fleet of typhoons used by the police and fire service were grounded in 2019 due to them suddenly falling out of the sky. Hopefully that has been rectified. Having said that…the police and fire service use them, possibly due to the fact they can fly on 5 motors if one fails so there’s an added safety feature for them near crowds or buildings, so they can’t be all that bad. It’s a good price (too good??) ultimately it’s your call.

Hi @jch-prop. The Typhoon H is a very capable drone. I own the real sense version, which is basically the same as the one you are looking at but with an additional module containing additional obstacle avoidance sensors. I would be very wary of using the batteries described as “slightly puffed” this is not a good sign for LiPo batteries. Also be aware that the Yuneec Typhoon H480 is no longer in production, so new OEM parts are becoming harder find and more expensive, that said original 2nd hand parts along with 3rd party spares are widely available from various outlets, although most of these seem to be overseas sellers. Very happy with my Typhoon but with regards to transportability, the size / weight is not to everyones liking.

Hi @Brian @SeaHunter ,

This is just the sort of info a newbie loves to see so thank you. I am not particularly worried about the amount of faff in lugging larger drones about that is until I start doing it and then realise that it’s a faff :slight_smile:
I suppose what I am thinking about is yes I can get a Air 2 etc for around the £800 mark but if this drone is worth £1500 in a real world for the £800 then I would possibly go for it alas it would have a steeper learning curve but that’s life.

Would I need more qualifications or licenses to fly this though?
I think that parts supplies is always going to be issues for many types of drones but happy that overseas suppliers is my only choice on this.

Would I reach ceilings when getting a Air2 etc. but wouldn’t have with this drone as regards experience and flying capabilities?

I think that is in reference to the drones maximum ceiling above sea level. It wouldn’t be suitable for someone whom lives in Denver as that is between 5200ft and 5600ft ASL.

There were 2 types of typhoon, one with ‘real sense’ obstacle detecting at front and underneath which are worth more than the original which only used a type of sonar. I don’t think that at the moment you will need more qualification to fly a typhoon than a Mavic pro, unless you are intending to fly near to people then you will need an A2 cofc with anything larger than a Mavic mini. Ask yourself, what sort of videos or photos are you going to be doing? Hobby or commercial?
The Typhoon is really made to carry cameras for commercial purposes, the drone is cheaply made as its all about the cameras hence the interchangeable cameras for different jobs. The Mavic mini is perfectly capable of handling wind and 4K video, or a good used Mavic pro,The Typhoon is much more faff and not as portable. The typhoon should be in the legacy drone group until 2023 which should see you ok for flying without the A2 cofc until then.
It looks a good buy, but unless you’ve got experience of flying drones, or can write it down to a business expense I’d stay clear of a typhoon cos it could be a very expensive mistake in event of a crash.


Hi @Brian

Thanks for the extra info and will agree that maybe I should stick with a Air 2 or Pro but my main concern is the restrictions DJ are putting in the drones as to where you can fly them rather than deciding for yourself. I am 53 years old and have a lot of common sense but wouldn’t like someone else deciding things for me. This is one of the reasons I am looking for an Autel drone rather than a DJ one but then again I am new to this so the restrictions put in place maybe won’t affect me for the first year possibly.
A crash is probably more probable for a newbie so maybe I will not consider the Typhoon.
Again thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Loads of original MP’s on the used market, get one and mod the NFZ out of it ;o)

The only restriction I’ve come across that DJI put in place are areas where it’s illegal to fly (airports, prisons) I haven’t had any issues other than that. But maybe I’m lucky living in North Yorkshire. If I have been near an airport inadvertently, (Sherburn in Elmet) my Mavic won’t take off, which protects me. I always check my NATS app before every flight to ensure that where I intend to fly isn’t in a no fly zone or that it hasn’t been designated a temporary NFZ, for example, due to the RAF memorial flight doing a fly past for example (it has actually happened on one occasion but the restriction only lasts for a short time).
The BIGGEST restriction on flying is the uneducated general public who haven’t a clue what drone flying is about, or the safety features of modern craft, all they know is what they’ve read about in the paper or heard about down the pub.


You forgot Facebook


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Oh yes I’d forgot about Facebook, the biggest threat to peace and harmony since Adolf Hitler said to Eva Braun, ‘I fancy a trip to Poland’.

That’ll give you a comparison with a Mavic Air, the price is to START at £550 and you’ll need to get two replacement batteries for the blown ones (£75 each), then there’s the buggeration factor of carrying the bloody thing around.
DJI will only let you fly in ‘legal’ areas so, airports and prisons are a no-go, apart from that they’re a doddle to fly.
I hope you’re more informed!

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@Kirk thanks that’s great never though of searching on YT :slight_smile:

Looks like a Air 2 then :slight_smile:

After watching more comparison’s between the 2 I am leaning towards the Typhoon as it’s quieter but then again when you are so far away with the Air 2 you won’t hear it anyway.

The only thing with the Typhoon is that it doesn’t have the real sense.

I agree It looks easy and yes the typhoon looks a great deal.

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The Typhoon is 1.9 kgs so comes in under the 2kg weight limit (the RealSense version is about 2.1 kg). The Inspire 1 is a little over 3 kgs (6.9 lbs) so you will only be able to fly it in open countryside or at least 150 metres from anything basically.
There were problems with the legs locking (or not) if I remember right.
And as everybody will tell you, it’s old now and parts acquisition will be a nightmare.

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I am thinking of getting the Typhoon but hear come a real NOOB question.

Does both the Typhoon and Air 2 just sit there in the air after you take them up and do both have RTH in the event of an issue?

Yes, and yes.

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