Another Mavic Pro For sale!


Just bought a M2Zoom so the MP gots-ta-go
For sale due to upgrade :slight_smile:

Total Flight time - 3hr 20minutes

Total flight distance - 30KM

Perfect condition - flown with care since I bought it

Never had so much as a bumpy landing

See photos for condition and what’s included

1 extra battery - 2 in total - both in excellent condition

Battery 1 - 28 Charges

Battery 2 - 18 Charges

DJI charger


Tablet holder - upto 9.7"

16GB Sandisk Extreme Micro SD

£550 plus Postage :slight_smile:


A Zoooooom, huh? Interesting. I’d be interested to hear why you went for that over the M2P. :+1:

  1. Cost - see note 2.
  2. I hear divorces are expensive :wink:
  3. Fly higher and quieter - get closer to the P.O.I




Now SOLD! (sold on eBay to someone in Stoke) - I’m not sure how to mark as sold - apologies for any confusion this causes.


That post is good enough!

Good price?


Less than I feel it’s worth but the buyer appears to already be familiar with quads with a few interesting quad bits for sale…
So I was happy to let it go for a little less than it cost me as she obviously knows what’s what :+1:

However, I do still have a brand new set of low-noise props for the Mavic - happy to swop for anything interesting :smiley: - I tried them on the Mavic Pro - and I can confirm, they are a heck of a lot quieter - especially at height, (silent at 400ft overhead in my experience, YMMV). But they did introduce some gimbal vibration at hover, resulting in constant warnings in DJI Go, I could see the gimbal vibrating, but the video feed was 100% smooth - and I mean 100%. From what I’ve read this is possibly due to the FC having to constantly over-correct because they produce more lift at lower RPM! Some people don’t get this issue at all. Very weird. Anyway I stopped using them after 4 or 5 flights because errors trigger my OCD.

As an aside about noise - my Mavic 2 is an odd beast, when its hovering directly above it is silent @ 400ft - almost noiseless. As soon as you push on though, it’s quite noticable - much more than the MP, but the noise does seem to be confined to a fairly tight cone underneath. Definitely not as quiet as the MP. However I do have extremely good neighbours in a 30m circle who are happy for me to take off from the back garden and have been fully briefed, meaning the take off area in my back garden can now be considered under my control for takeoff and landings :smiley:


In that photo where your mav sits with two fingers in the air like that, he kinda reminds me of