Another new member in Staffordshire

Sitting here waiting (im)patiently for my first drone to arrive - Royal Mail thinks it will be here sometime later today.
I live on the outskirts of Tamworth, but (when allowed) travel around much of the UK, so the drone may pop up just about anywhere I am, provided it is legal and safe.

What you waiting for Rob?

Welcome to GADC

Sorry, I should have said what the postman is meant to be delivering…
A Hubsan H501S

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Hi Rob and welcome to GADC. I started out with the Hubsan H501S, a good learner drone that took a fair few hard landings etc :wink: but still came back for more. My grandson is now flying the Hubsan (covid restrictions permitting) and loves the little drone.

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All right mate, just down the road in Walsall.


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Hi rob,
Welcome to the Premier Drone Club.:+1: