Another newbie from Northumberland

Hi, everybody,

Joined a couple of weeks ago but just got round to saying hello. I’m fortunate that where I live I back on to open farmland, so can take off from my garden and fly safely (when there are no animals in the field!) In April I bought a Hubsan 501S - first GPS drone for me. Flies very nicely, but I soon got frustrated with the jumpy video, so I’ve got a Fimi A3 on order - I don’t have a smart phone, touch screens and me don’t agree anyway, and I like the idea of being up and running straight away - got used to that with the Hubsan. Unfortunately the order (from A1SmartStore) has gone a bit sticky so I’m not sure when I’ll get delivery - most annoying!

Keep well!

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What’s happened to the order?

Thanks for asking. It’s almost 3 weeks since I placed the order which is supposed to be coming from the EU. When I queried it and asked for a tracking number this was the reply on two separate occasions
“hi my dear buyer, I am very sorry to hear that, I already posted the item to you,
would you mind I fully refund to you or resend another one to you if you still not yet received it ? I apology for this inconvenience to you,”
Their web site now says out of stock, so when I asked about that, they said:
“hi dear, the new stock will arrived in August, are you ok for waiting? I apology for this inconvenience to you.”

So do I wait and see if the original order arrives, or claim a refund and try for one from Amazon but £45 more, or ask them to send another one when they have stock. But unless I know the original order is lost, I may end up with two then have the hassle of returning one. A sticky situation!


Isn’t it! I have a feeling they’re stalling you. I’m sure you’ll get it eventually, or a refund.
It’s all about you and if you can wait I reckon. Unless anyone here has any other links to a similar priced and spec’d drone?

Well, I cancelled the order and got an immediate refund although lost a bit because of currency conversions. Also the A3 seems to be out of production, certainly is in the zone of hen’s teeth! But I located a little used one on UK ebay - now on its way to me. It comes with a carry bag and a second battery. Annoying because I’d already ordered and paid for those items from a different supplier. I don’t mind having three batteries - more flying time and I understand a single charge of the controller will last long enough. But an extra carry bag is unfortunate. Heigh Ho!
So if anyone is thinking of buying from A1SmartStore, think again!
Incidentally if anyone out there has an A3 and finds the screen difficult to see in bright light, you might find this useful

Latest news - the drone arrived on 4th August. Just needed an update of the camera firmware. Absolutely immaculate - good as new and flies beautifully. The gimbal action is very good indeed although only 2 axis and the higher resolution still photos are excellent. Plenty of range. Great little drone. Pity the screen isn’t brighter, but ok with the sun shade. If I’m not actually videoing, increasing the camera gain shows the FPV well. As good as a friend of mine’s smart phone!