Another one from Norwich

Hi all,

As the title says another new member from Norwich. Lucky enough to meet up with Chris, Russell and his lovey wife Anisa over at Wells today. Although flying never actually took place, I picked up a load of great tips and managed to spend money on more accessories for my Mavic Air (got the sunnylife filters Chris :slight_smile:)

Anyway, always up for a meet up and fly about if anyone fancies it. Always looking for more locations.

I highly recommend Walberswick in Suffolk, which you can fly right over to Southwold and back. Also along the Norfolk Broads as mentioned. I’m planning on going to Orford soon and flying over the disused radar station if anyone fancies it sometime?

Hope to meet a few more of you in the future :slight_smile:

All the best,



Welcome to GADC, Tim!

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Welcome Tim!

See you’ve already met @chrisjohnbaker and @PaperCrane.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Welcome Tim
Was there a reason you didn’t fly just you or all of you?

Good to see you today Tim.

Shame you had to leave early - you really missed out! More info to come - either from Chris if he gets there first, or from me when I’ve got this footage of Happisburgh lighthouse edited.


Russell managed to fly for all of about 2 minutes before the chap came over and told us Holkham Hall has banned drone flying without specific permission.

Had a read of their website when I got back, you have to meet some very specific criteria to even be considered now. Oh well…

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @UnluckyTimmeh!

Is your name based in today’s experiences?? :slightly_frowning_face:

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A Big Welcome @UnluckyTimmeh, we’ll today you should have definitely hung around, as Russell has hinted ,it was a day VERY full of surprises !.
I have just spent the last 6 hrs tending to a badly injured neighbour who had fell over in his garden, the Paramedics/Ambulance had still not arrive after 5 hrs !.
and I am hungry, tired, in need of some falling down water of my own !.
As Russell said, he or I will elaborate on our GADC meetup here in Norfolk!!!

If I head towards the broads I’ll give you a shout…

Welcome Tim, I’m over Yarmouth way. I’ll get over to Norwich at some point and meet up with everybody

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Thanks for the update Chris and I did fly on the beach at wells next the sea with no issues
I knew Holkham was an issue from my visit to that neck of the woods

Look forward to the updates