Another Sussex Newbie

Hey guys (and gals?)

I’m Dan aka hekky from West Sussex - Have been looking at drones for a couple.of years but have always been too scared about my money literally falling out of the sky lol

After watching a LOAD of videos on YouTube and doing a load of research I’ve finally ordered a DJI Mini 2 which should be here Monday or Tuesday…

Don’t quite know how much I’ll use it in the UK yet (especially as my home.area has an airport in) but have trips planned for Chiang Mai, Penang and Langkawi for when all this Covid stuff is sorted

Stay (and fly) safe people :slight_smile:


Welcome! Enjoy the group.

I don’t know about Malaysia, but I’ve heard that Thai local police can be pretty aggressive with drone owners… be prepared to cross their palms with silver.


Have a look at Drone Scene… things might not be as bad as you thought… or they might be worse… Good to know either way right?

@silverfox682 is our resident Far East expert he might be able to shed some light.

Welcome to GADC

Thanks Ned

Yes I’ve already checked on Drone Scene - The entire area I live in is a completely red FRZ

Not a problem I have lots of lovely areas nearby that are safe just means I have to drive rather than walk

Is flying in a FRZ a hard no flying at all or would I be OK if I am careful? Say if I was flying below the height of surrounding properties?

Regarding any FRZ Zones, it is a no fly zone and if caught I think the authorities would prosecute.

If you really want to fly in an FRZ area then E Mail the control tower the day before with all of your details qualifications etc and details of your flight and the operation area.

Then phone them on the day and I am sure they will allow a reasonable requests. Good luck.

Yes I just did a search of old posts on here regarding FRZ and that sounds like a very sensible idea thanks for the input

It’s all a lot to take in at the moment but you can never do too much research right?!

Sorry Hekky, just seen this - The areas you want to fly would be ok with the obvious common sense.
Penang & Langkawi have very quiet areas around them which are beautiful, as of course is Chiang Mai. The issues will be getting your drone in through immigration - in both countries they love paperwork, so its just a case of blagging that you will of course immediately apply for all permits before you fly.
It really depends on how long you intend to be in Malaysia and Thailand, as applying is a lengthy process which absolutely cannot be done in 3 weeks unless you know the ropes. The main thing is that out in the sticks there are no police to bother you - once your up over 200 feet then all is well- just don’t even think about it close to a city - bit like in the UK - just go find a quiet spot.
If you need any specifics just hit me up.

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Many thanks Silver!
Unfortunately I’d only be in each place four or five days but I should be able to find quiet areas on maps/earth before I go.
I was supposed to do this trip last year but I had to cancel but at least I’ll have rhe drone for my next attempt!
I’ve been to Thailand a few times so I’m aware of what the ‘system’ can be like lol (Hopefully the newer smaller drones will be easier to get through - esp if I can split the parts up over a couple of bags)

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Spoiled for choice mate in all the areas you want to get to :+1:
Im biting at the bit too for getting back and leaving all these UK clothes behind lol
Made me chuckle seeing “Thailand and system” in the same sentence lmao - but its obvious you have it tapped. Catch ya on the 1st flight out via KL. :pray:

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KL sounds perfect! I still have the plan for last year that Covid ruined :frowning:


3 sound plans - hard to choose, but I’m leaning towards Plan 1 lol

Yeah I was leaning towards that one too but I sooooo want to see Langkawi - Found the perfect Air B&B too

I have a habit of trying to cram too much into a short trip but I don’t want to miss anything as I might not get the chance to come back

Looked at getting a place in Bangkok back in 2006 but I chickened out as I couldn’t work out getting enough income.