Another test flight


Just done another test flight today, basically just getting some practice and also needed some new footage for testing the new editing software


Some superb colours in that quarry side. Lovely detail from the M2P, as well! :+1:


It’s a mavic 2 zoom and well pleased with it so far, bought primarily for vids while I’m out with the 4x4 on trips but can’t leave it alone lol


My brain said “Z” … my fingers didn’t listen. :wink:


The zoom gives a nice sharp image, impressed.


They all give a better image when they’re flying …… :wink:


I use it in 1080p most of the time so have max zoom when needed, this was recorded in 1080p



Watch this space :wink:


No wind your way today, too! :+1:


No wind but pissing down for most of the day. Beer was the next best thing.


Sorry, @LC80, highjacking your post.


Impressive Tim, we went up about 3pm near cemetery couple of lads there with Hubson 501’s they don’t look bad birds for £150, didn’t get much footage I had a fall landing on my right side painful shoulder and hip, gonna have to go to the quarry looks great for filming hopefully won’t fall in …