Antenna position on the controller

Hi Everyone, I’m sort of new to this drone lark and have just bought myself a Potensic Atom. I know it’s a strange question, but what is the best position to put the 2 foldout antenna on the controller? Are they best both horizontal, vertical or one horizontal and one vertical?

Any advice is welcome

You’ll find the answer in a handy video over here: DJI Spark Range - #8 by Mind_the_gap

Ignore the fact this says DJI Spark, the principal is the same.


The best position is when the flat sides of the antenna are facing the drone not the top. You might need to reposition the antenna as you fly to get the best signal.


Thanks Pingspike. A very informative video. Much appreciated

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Hi Ping,

For this drone the antenna are best positioned vertically pointing down. Captain Drone did a nice YouTube video on this one. It has everything the DJI version has and more for a lot less money. A barging drone.

Thanks, but it wasn’t me that asked :blush: